Reason for the Name

The Name comes from John 10:10 a verse in the bible which says, "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come so that they may have life, and may have it abundantly." Another name I could have called my blog was, "Abundant Life Recipes", because I believe that just like Jesus came to give us abundant life, God created whole and wonderful foods to give us abundant life! I don't think that God wants us to just live, but to live well! That is what I try to do in my daily diet, is to eat things that make up good fuel for my body so that it functions to the absolute best. Nope, I am not perfect and I "cheat" here and there, but since I started this way of eating and felt how good it feels, I can't go back to my past eating lifestyle ever again!  The same as with the Christian life, once you feel the fullness of God's love after you have accepted Jesus in your heart, you can't go back, it just doesn't feel right!
        I am going to share a bit of my testimony of what lead me to eating this way.  Almost five years ago I had 2 miscarriages, seperately, we had the first one and then tried again about 5 or 6 months later I believe. It was really hard on me and Kelby after the second one, we couldn't believe that we had 2 of them! After that we moved to Corpus Christi, for job reasons and for a "change of scenery". When we moved there I started feeling a horrible ache I had never felt before, so much so that it had me laying on the couch not able to hardly move, sort of like you feel when you have the flu, but only the achy part. Wanting to find out why I felt that way and also why I had 2 miscarriages, I decided to go to a natural doctor, he is specifically geared toward health and wellness. I went to him and he opened my eyes up to a whole new world (yes, just like on Aladdin, hehe)!!!  He told me how much our diet can effect our body, that specifically for me, my body was so full of yeast that I was dealing with Chronic Fatigue, and if I didn't address it that it would lead to fibromyalgia.  He told me not much would want to live in a yeast infested body, and could have been the reason for the miscarriages. All I know was when he said that fibromyalgia could lead to death, I woke up and decided ok I will do anything for that not to happen, and to not feel so crappy right now! He told me a ton of more stuff, but it would take up far to much space and anyways, he is in houston and has a website if you want to check it out....
    So, one of the main things that Dr. Mark Hopkins helped me do was get my body back to a fresh start, cleaning out the bad stuff and putting in only good stuff! A 21 one day cleanse, and totally different way of eating has absolutely done that.  I feel so much better now! I no longer have any allergies, yeah many of the allergies which I thought were from things in the air were most definitely coming from foods that were causing inflamation in my body, like milk! Ok, I better stop there or this is going to become a different blog than I intended.
    I wanted to start this blog to post recipes of what I cook everyday.  I do not eat wheat, dairy, or refined sugar. I don't eat soy either really. So, I wanted to show people what it looks like for a busy mom to be able to cook, and eat quick healthy meals!!! So, I will start with that for now.  I will post some recipes from some cookbooks I have and then some of it is stuff I have made up over the years, I will give credit where credit is due for sure!
    One last thing, most of the way I eat and what my doctor has told me to get my eating habits from is the book shown to the left, called Eat Right For Your Blood Type, by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo.  It is a really great book and I highly recommend it! It is really crazy how right on he is about your blood type and how it matches your personality and all kinds of stuff.  So, there you go! I hope that having these recipes on here will help and encourage you to be healthy and eat to LIVE ABUNDANTLY!!!