Changing Luke's eating habits.....

So, Luke hit the 3's in March and it has already been very shocking the behavior changes that have happened. Since he is bigger I have taken him to some art classes and even tried at home to do some sort of "learning time" at the table. All have been a failure and very discouraging to me. His tension span is non existent! He for some reason can't focus very much at all when anything is put in front of him. He goes somewhere else. So this has all caused me to look at his eating, because I truly believe EVERYTHING can be traced back to what we are putting in our bodies, even hyperactivity or focussing problems.  So, I really don't feed Luke bad either, I don't give him any sugar except on special occasions, and I don't do wheat or dairy. BUT, I do alternatives to the wheat or dairy, so I give him rice bread, rice noodles, and rice cheese! CARBS CARBS CARBS!!!! So, all this to say, wanted to share and be able to vent a little, this is going to be a not so fun experience at first, but I think with in a week or two he should be fine. I am going to take out all of his carbs, only give him meats, vegetables, fruits, and brown rice, no bread or noodles! He hasn't asked for them so far, it's only been a day, but so far he is doing pretty good, I just try to always offer as much veggies/meat as possible.  I think also since Eli is eating only vegetables right now this will be so easy, cause now I can just fix all their stuff together, and Luke has actually been wanting whatever Eli is eating lately! So let's pray this works, and there is a significant focus improvement!!! (Please excuse all the grammatical errors, as I am not an english major, and I am trying to be fast right now while the little ones are sleeping!) 

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