Beef & Rice

Been a long long time since I have posted a recipe, guess I got busy in the world of little baby boys. Not that it's slowed down, but I have a little tiny more handle on a schedule lately it seems. So I got this recipe randomly enough from or some random recipe page. It has a mexican flavor so you you can serve it over rice or in tortilla's or both! My hubby calls this carne asada... but that was not the original name...  Ok so here it is:

In a crock pot, throw 2-3 lbs of lean beef stew meat
half a large onion, sliced however you want
envelope of taco mix (give or take, I don't do quite the whole thing so it won't be too spicy)
and a jar of salsa give or take (again use your judgement to gage the spiciness, therefore I don't do quite a whole jar, about 3/4 since I have little ones eating)
That's it! Leave in the crock pot on low for 7-8 hours, then throw it on top of brown rice or in a tortilla.
We do both! The first night we like it on rice, then for leftovers the next day we put it in tortillas.... SO GOOD and so EASY! 

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