I Heart paper plate dinners!

Many Mom's have those night's where you didn't plan anything for dinner and it's already dinner time.  Most the time I would suppose it is Corn dogs, or hot dogs, something like that for the kiddos right? I very well could be wrong! Maybe it's Spaghetti O's! HAHA! Anyways, this is my "corn dog" meal, only it's not, it's Hamburger Patties minus the buns, with green beans and sweet potato fries! Not really a recipe, kind of weird I know, but just an idea for those who might want to know what to cook last minute and not have to eat unhealthy while doing so! Oh and of course paper plates are a bonus! 

(I used HEB SELECT Frozen Green Beans, not that it matters!)

I slice up some onions with the green beans and saute them together! YUMMY!

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