What Eli has been eating lately

Many of you know the strange way I feed myself and my children. I nurse my kids for a year exclusively, no food! Yeah I know! Well, it is feeding time for Eli and when you wait as long as I do to start and then add in a big brother eating french fries right next to him, you get a baby who just really doesn't like pureed food, so I am challenged with what to feed my son who just now got his bottom two teeth and is about to turn 1!! I start my kids out with vegetables only, then after a few months fruit, then meats, and last grains, I know kind of backwards of what doctors say...... It has worked fantastic with my first, so I am going to continue.  Anyways, I would love some ideas on how to make very soft finger foods, so far this is what I have come up with and Eli is liking it pretty well.  I am hopeful this might help or encourage those of you in the same stage as me with a baby who wants to eat and a Mom who wants them to eat healthy!!
Tonight I fed Eli steamed broccoli and squash.......... cut into mutilated pieces! =)
Note: It's a good idea just to go ahead and do a bath after this meal!
 This is the squash I used, it is diced into cubes already and is so easy to prepare! I got it from Central Market, very worth any distance to get! 
I just used Central Market organic broccoli also, it is the best of all the broccoli's to me and it's all florets, making it much mushier!

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Cooper said...

I have this same problem! Madison wants to eat all big people food and no purees!! I guess its because of their age! Well, anyways a few things I have tried and it has worked pretty well.. beets (the golden ones so they dont stain), spinach (it sounds stringy and hard for them to eat but its really not and the plus is it isnt that messy) carrots (I get the HEB select you can steam in the bag, but of course I do it for way longer than it says on the bag) I also do green beans in the bag like this too! also the Stahlbush sweet potatoes and cauliflower! This should last ya a while =)

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